An Elite Veteran Owned Staffing Task Force

As a certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE), Artemis United employs its team with elite military and veteran personnel to leverage their leadership and specialized training to build a more resilient workforce for our clients.

Serving as a premiere staffing solution to our clients, we help them in meeting their vendor diversity needs while also serving as a talent solutions partner to SLED and FED agencies across the country.

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Artemis United DVBE Staffing and Recruiting
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Our experienced veteran's manage a team of experts who are immersed in their respective functional area or industry to identify and source the most qualified candidates.

Artemis United - Supplier & Vendor Diversity - Helping Clients meet their diversity needs.
Supplier & Vendor Diversity

Helping Clients Meet Their Diversity Needs

Areospace & Defense
Financial Institutions
Much more
Government contracting

Helping Agencies Strengthen our Nation's Workforce

Federal Agencies
State & Local Agencies
County Agencies
Municipal Agencies
School & Special Districts
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Our specialized approach and functional expertise enables our team to identify and source the most qualified candidates for FED and SLED agencies, as well as special districts across the nation to fulfill
your contractual requirements.

Artemis United Government Contracting - Staffing and Recruiting.
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By demonstrating a commitment to diversity and inclusion, many Prime Contracts have enhanced their ability to earn more contracts.


We Help Prime Contractors Win More Governement Contracts

Learn about how how partnering with a DVBE (Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise) certified company can significantly enhance a Prime Contractor's potential to secure more contracts.

Government agencies and private sector organizations alike are encouraging and, in some cases, mandating diversity spending as part of their procurement requirements. This presents a unique opportunity for prime contractors to leverage DVBE partnerships to their advantage.

Our functional areas

Transform Your Organization by Hiring & Contracting the Right Talent.

Digital Technology

The only thing that changes faster than technology is your talent needs. Our staffing task force possess unrivaled industry knowledge in the digital technology sector to make intelligent placements that ignite business evolution.

Office and Administration

We are comprised of experienced consultants who understand the nuanced needs of professional and administrative roles. We take a bespoke approach to securing reliable talent who can support the day to day operations of your business.

Accounting & Finance

There’s no riskier investment than an unpredictable hire. Our Accounting and Finance team has amassed an impressive roster of qualified professionals who are ready to bolster your bottom line and execute your organizations objectives and goals.

Government Contracting

Artemis United supports clients and agencies alike in fulfilling supplier diversity programs while helping SLED and FED agencies navigate the government system as both a Prime and Sub contractor across the nation.

Our credentials

Your Certified Talent Delivery Partner

Artemis United, Inc. is a DVBE certified Staffing and Recruiting Firm that is focused on servicing public, private, and government agencies across the United States.

DVBE Certification No. 17322561
Trusted by 4+ Government Agencies
Artemis United Staffing and Recruiting Functional Areas
Artemis United Staffing (DVBE), CAGE Code, and UEI Number.Artemis United VIB Network Partner - Staffing, Recruiting, and Executive Search for Government Contracting and Commercial Clients.

Experience a Better Way to Find Talent in Your Functional Category.


• 5415, Computer Systems Design and Related Services
• 5416, Management, Scientific, & Technical Consulting
• 54121, Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, & Payroll
• 54169, Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services
• 541511, Custom Computer Programming Services
• 541512, Computer Systems Design Services
• 541519, Other Computer Related Services
• 5613, Employment Services
• 561320, Temporary Help Services


• 80101500, MGMT Business Prof & Admin Services
• 80111600, HR Services - Temporary personnel services
• 80111700, HR Services - Personnel recruitment services
• 80111600, Temporary personnel services
• 81000000, Engineering, Research, Technology Services
• 81110000, Computer Services
• 81111500, Software or Hardware Engineering Services
• 81111600, Computer Programmers
• 81111700, Management Information Systems MIS
• 81111800, System & System Component Admin Services
• 81112000, Data Services
• 81112100, Internet Services
• 81112200, Software Maintenance and Support
• 81112300, Computer Hardware Maintenance
• 84110000, Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
• 84111500, Accounting Services
• 84111700, Corporate Finance


Our Customers and Teams Achieve Amazing Results

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Irene Clifford


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Irene Clifford

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Our Story

Meet Your Vendor Diversity Requirements with United

Artemis United, Inc., a joint venture partner of Artemis, was born from the shared vision of its founders, Jake Bergman and Chris Relth, who crossed paths in the talent solutions market. While collaborating, they recognized the perfect fit to support military veterans in their transition to civilian employment by hiring them on to a business enterprise they could build together. With a mutual commitment, the company quickly took shape.

At its core, Artemis United is dedicated to employing elite military and veteran personnel to its team to help clients meet diversity supplier and contingent workforce goals. By tapping into the unique skills and experiences of these veterans, the company delivers exceptional services while empowering those who have served their country.

Artemis United continues to grow, making a positive impact on the lives of veterans and becoming a respected partner in the talent solutions market. Upholding their core principles, the founders ensure the company's mission extends far beyond mere business success.