Tired of Recruiters Underperforming?

Skip the headache of relying on rookie-level recruiters who rely on job boards to find your talent. Instead, leverage a team of headhunters who find passive candidates in the market instead of on the market.

We take a contingent search approach to secure top candidates who can drive true, tangible results while strengthening your company culture; reducing your company's attrition. At the end of the day, our results speak for themselves.

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Artemis Executive Search and Headhunting Services.
Our functional areas

Our Headhunters are Specialized in Each Industry & Function we Serve.


Our digital technology headhunters use their expertise and networks to source and deliver highly-skilled candidates for technology-related roles, such as A.I., transformation, software development, cybersecurity, data analytics, digital marketing, and more.

Defense Technology

Artemis' specialized headhunters excel in connecting organizations with high caliber talent in the Defense Technology sector. We connect organizations with leaders possessing the critical expertise needed in areas such as military innovations, cybersecurity, and advanced weaponry, ensuring that your team is equipped to excel in this ever-evolving field.

Healthcare & MedTech

Artemis' headhunting services connect organizations in the Healthcare and MedTech industries with talented professionals who possess the necessary expertise and skills to drive innovation, improve patient care, and contribute to the advancement of healthcare technologies.

Industrials & Engineering

Our experienced headhunters cater to the specific needs of the Industrial and Engineering sector by connecting organizations with highly skilled professionals who possess expertise in areas such as engineering, project management, operations, and supply chain. Our goal is to lead the market analysis and execution of delivering top tier talent who can drive innovation, optimize processes, and deliver successful outcomes in this dynamic industry.

Private Equity & Venture Capital

We enable our Private Equity and Venture Capital partners to focus on investing in startups, acquiring established companies, optimizing their operations, and driving growth while Artemis' headhunting delivers seasoned professionals who possess the deep industry knowledge, deal-making expertise, and a strong networking skills they require to grow. Not only can we help find top talent who can source lucrative investment opportunities, manage portfolios, and provide strategic guidance to maximize returns, but we can also support their portfolio companies to scale their leadership teams.

Sales & Marketing

Our headhunting division specializes in identifying and attracting top-performing executives and professionals through our extensive network and industry expertise. We build connections through due diligence, vet for the right fit for your company culture, and then deliver a list of curated candidates whose skills, experience, and processes will meet, and exceed, your sales & marketing needs.

Education, Government, & Non Profits

The Artemis headhunting team provides tailored solutions by connecting these three functional areas with top professionals who are passionate about making a positive impact, driving organizational growth, and achieving their agency's missions.

Financial Services

Artemis' headhunting services aim to connect clients with  professionals who possess a deep understanding of financial markets, regulatory compliance, risk management, and innovative financial technologies. We help our clients not only identify top talent but deliver leaders who can navigate the complexities of the industry, drive strategic initiatives, and deliver exceptional financial services to their customers.

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Artemis' headhunting services in Operations and Supply Chain Management connect organizations with highly skilled professionals who possess the expertise to streamline operations, improve supply chain efficiencies, implement lean methodologies, and drive overall operational excellence. We help our clients identify top talent who can enhance productivity, reduce costs, and ensure smooth operations, enabling them to gain a competitive edge in today's global marketplace.

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Our headhunting team has functional expertise so they can identify and source the most qualified candidates for your professional level roles.

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There's no comparison

Headhunters Simply Outperform Recruiters

Headhunters focus on higher-level professional roles which require a completely different approach to finding talent.
Headhunters identify exact targeted candidates for specific positions who aren't actively searching for a job.
Artemis Headhunters work on a contingency basis to provide a hybrid approach to delivering top talent.
Our Headhunters have an extensive network of industry leaders, reducing barriers to attract valuable talent.
Headhunting requires a skillset that attracts passive talent through serving as true brand ambassador of the client.
Headhunting Passive Candidates lowers departmental attrition.
Among all other things, headhunters provide a personalized approach with specialized knowledge.
What makes us different?

We Find Talent in the Market, Not on the Market

For most niche roles, you'll need to rely on the expertise of a headhunter rather than a recruiter.

By tapping into our professional network, we target passive candidates on your behalf as a brand ambassador, capture the interest of top performing talent at a competitor or any company from an aligned industry and deliver far superior candidates.

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Over a decade of expertise in these verticals has honed our ability to deliver top talent and build winning teams. Care to join them?


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Meet Your Vendor Diversity Requirements with United.

Artemis United is a joint venture partner and certified DVBE and SDVOSB organization offering a personalized approach to delivering contingent workforce resources across the nation to help our commercial clients meet their vendor diversity needs as well as support SLED and FED agencies navigate the government system.

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